Upcoming Camp Outs

March 2016 (18-20)

Location: Fisheating Creek Outpost

WM: MCritchlow


April 2016 (15-17)

Location: John Prince Park Campground



May 2016 (TBD)

Location: TBD



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Club Officers


   Mark & Sherrie Critchlow


    Ed & Barbara Cordon

Treasurer: Bill Gotthelf

Secretary: Vicki Critchlow

Web: Phil Rinaldi

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Upcoming Special Events

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Carole Goldman - 2, Vicki Critchlow - 4, Joe Griesi - 4, Herb Goldman - 27, Debby Griesi - 30


Bill & Vickie Gotthelf - 3 (4 Yrs.)

Bob & Gene Lockhart - 12 (50 Yrs.)

Club News

April Camp Out – CHANGE OF VENUE

The April club outing has been moved from Waters Edge in Okeechobee to John Prince Park Campground in Lake Worth.  This park/campground is an old favorite of the club with outings held there since the 1980’s.  We are sure that this one will live up to the fun times we’ve enjoyed there in the past.  Use the link at the left to get the latest information about the outing and to find out how to reserve your site.

February Camp Out – Report Coming Soon

Our February club outing, held at South Bay RV Campground, was a great success.  Stay tuned for a full camp out summary and, I hope, some great photos from the weekend.

January Camp Out - A Great Time Despite Weather Challenges

Our January camp out was a great success despite the weather challenges presented by first a rainy Friday followed by high-winds and freezing (for Florida) cold weather on Saturday. Of course, Sunday was a gorgeous south Flori-Day! We had a record high turnout of over 30 members and guests - I guess the word got out about the plans for the weekend. This was our first visit to the Brighton RV Resort in Okeechobee. The park is very well laid out with paved sites and excellent facilities - even if a bit remote. Since this is a Seminole park, and there was a tribe event going on, we were unable to use the club house. Instead we were given a cabin to use. This turned out fine - even if we were packed in pretty close - the body heat helped to offset the outside cold (LOL).

Super wagon masters Eddie and Barbe Cordon, assisted by Regina and Phil Rinaldi, hosted a great weekend. The highlights of the weekend included our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange (see photos below) - always great fun and a Shrimp Boil on Saturday night, which was enjoyed by all. Of course, this special event could not have been possible without the help of our president, Mark Critchlow. The group also enjoyed sitting around the camp firess and other special engaging activities.

Thanks to the wagon masters and all that helped to make the weekend special.

Welcome Back Barbara Peluso

After living through the illness and passing of her husband, Bart, Barbara Peluso returned to join the club at the January camp out. All those who remembered Barbara from earlier camp outs were very happy to see her. We hope that she enjoyed the weekend and will be joining us again soon for more weekends together.


As communicated at various club meetings, we need the outing Wagon Masters to provide a short (2-5 paragraph) summary of the camp out activities in order to post a camp out report for the outing. Photos, from the Wagon Masters and/or others, are also appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping to energize our web site.

Club Web Site News

We are in the process of continuous improvement on our web site. The changes include simplifying the format (makes it faster / easier to maintain), moving some previously restricted areas to be public (e.g. meeting minutes), and other changes.

Additionally, a new web address has been obtained that may prove to be more intuitive for people looking for us on the web. The new address is thunderboltscamping.club. The “.club” address was not available when we first set up the site, but recently was added as a web class. Our current web address (thunderboltscamping.info) will continue to work.

Club Member Directory

The Club membership directory is now a separate link (see above) which will access a password protected file. Members who do not have the password should contact the web master at thunderboltscamping@gmail.com to gain access.

Soon changes will be made to make all restricted areas of the site more easily accessed to overcome limitations inherent in our web hosting solution. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this issue resolved before the September camping season arrives.

Check It Out – Interesting Review of 4G Service Providers

We were recently contacted by Reviews.com with information about their recent survey of 4G service providers.  This may be of interest to our members who are looking for options for options for wifi connections while traveling.  Use this here to check it out.

Some Useful Information

We recently came across some useful information for RV’ers that you may be interested in.

The first is a web site that has a very comprehensive list of public campgrounds including state parks, national parks, COE and NFS camp sites and more. Check it out at this link.

The other is an article from the Moab Utah Travel Council highlighting information about the local resources for campers and RV’ers. The area has stunning scenery highlighted by Canyonlands NP, Arches NP and various other points of interest. You can read the article here and view various high-definition photos from the area at this link. For more information, you can get a Moab Utah Trip Planner at this link.

Check these and more out on our Useful Links and Info page by clicking here.

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